Ramadan Racism against Chinese Kaffirs in Malaysia


Ramadan is a fun time. It’s the time when Muslim terrorists receive their allowances from the donations of the “true believers” and because of that we always see a surge in their attacks, which usually kill more Muslims than anybody else.

It is also a time when Islam is popularized more actively. Since that religion, based on hatred and hostility, doesn’t have many attractive features, the only approach applied is to scare people into liking it.

That approach is very “effective” in countries, where Muslims are a majority. Malaysia is a very good example of that.

The country has always been promoted as the show window of successful Islam, while in reality, from an ideological point of view, it is the same shithole as any other Muslim country. Its economic success is entirely due to the large Chinese and Indian minorities, which don’t have all the rights of the Muslim Malays, but are tolerated. Yet they run most of the highly successful businesses. They even pay higher taxes. Still, the Muslims see themselves as masters. Alcohol is allowed only in Chinese restaurants. A few years ago there was a successful campaign to shut down the pig farms at the southern border, which supplied meat to Singapore. Malaysia is one crazy imam away from destroying its minorities’ success and driving the whole country down the drain.

If you are aware of the history of Singapore, the Muslim hostility was the reason they broke their ties with Malaysia (they were a federation until 1965). There is a Malay minority in Singapore, but they don’t have any influence – because of their traditions they are the least educated part of the population. They have
the right to practice Islam – when I was there it was funny to observe the Malay elementary school girls wearing hijabs and long robes. I don’t know how they felt, because the heat there is unbearable, most of the time the temperatures are over 30 degrees Celsius.

Being a police state, Singapore has a total control over the local Islam, and doesn’t pay any attention to international organizations. Unfortunately, it appears that this is the only way to restrain the Islamic cancer.

But that’s not how the Malaysian Muslims see things – to them the infidels are a nuisance that must be kept in its place.

And they don’t shy away from attacking and insulting Chinese – thus the public service announcement shown above, which shows in no uncertain terms what the Chinese must to do in order not to enrage their Muslim masters. They were aired on the Malaysian national TV.

This is an extremely racist message, which would be condemned by the Human Rights Commissions, if aired in Canada. Oh, wait, I forgot – Muslims are never charged in Canada no matter how racist they are (Do you remember Salman Hossain? The police let that Muslim scumbag who ran a website calling for killing of all Jews get away).

The Muslims in the video look grumpy and angry – it’s no wonder when you belong to a “religion” where they can stone or behead you, if you are having fun. On top of that, every year they have to go through that stupid fast, while Chinese could eat whatever they want.

Then why not make their lives miserable as well? In Egypt they beat up or arrest Christians every year for not taking part in the Ramadan. Why do you think that in Malaysia they would act in a different way?

The purpose of the ads is to teach the Chinese that they shouldn’t distract Muslims by eating. That’s a very interesting feature in Islam – that cult presupposes that its followers cannot control themselves, so they should be shielded from all temptations at other people’s expense.

Tempted by a woman? Force her to cover herself with a disgusting black body bag (otherwise you can rape her with impunity). Tempted by food during fast? Force every infidel to starve with you following your barbaric custom. It is always about the repulsive Muslim arrogance, which doesn’t accept anything other than total submission from those who do not belong to that ideology.

The Chinese girl in the ads is cheery and bubbly, which would have won her a lot of friends in the West, but in a country dominated by a death cult, that’s a strict no-no. So we are guided through several segments, which show her transgressions, followed by a warning by her Muslim lords.

She talks too much and is happy? “Do not be loud or obnoxious.” Muslims are dull and hate fun.

Then she appears in a sleeveless shirt. That triggers the ultimate Islamic stupidity. Her shoulders are blurred (like other body parts in Japanese porn) and a pious Muslim father shields the eyes of his child. The message: “Do not wear tight and revealing clothes.”

And those idiots are planning to establish a worldwide Caliphate???

The warning not to eat in front of Muslims is not a friendly advice. In a country with a 60% Muslim majority it is a statement that if you don’t follow their way, there will be no way for you, because it’s impossible to have a lunch in public in Malaysia without encountering Muslims.

So the filthy Chinese kafirs’ only right is to work, make money and pay jizya to their barbaric masters. No doubt – it’s a great deal!

Supposedly, the ads were taken away after many people complained. But that’s the purpose – they were shown to keep Chinese in their place or else…

The whole thing is very similar to Galileo’s treatment by the Inquisition. When he was charged with violating the church dogma with his discoveries in astronomy, the Pope asked them to show him the torture tools before taking any further action. That was enough to silence Galileo for the rest of his life.

I can hear the Muslims yelling: See? See? See? The Christianity is terrible, they had Inquisition!

Yes, dear friends, it was terrible and intolerant, but it had outgrown its hostilities hundreds of years ago, while Islam is still in the Middle Ages, ready to destroy everybody who questions its dogmas.

In case anybody is still under the delusion that those racist anti-Chinese commercials are just a friendly reminder, here is a more current case of the Malaysian
Muslim “tolerance”. A few days ago, The Star newspaper in Malaysia was accused of being un-Islamic for publishing pork recipes during Ramadan:

Malay rights group Perkasa today condemned the Star as an enemy of the Islamic faith over a gaffe that saw the English language daily feature in its Ramadan Delight special pullout feature pork dishes. “I think we should stamp the Staras an anti-Islam paper,” said its president Ibrahim Ali.

Perkasa Youth later also expressed similar doubts with the Star’s explanation and “insincere apology” over the matter.

”I don’t accept the explanation that it was a mistake. We all know who the Star editor is.

”I believe that they are testing the limits of Muslim tolerance,” alleged Ibrahim after chairing the group’s supreme council meeting at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kuala Lumpur.

In case you think that the “offense” would bring just a minor case of Muslim disappointment, you will be wrong. Muslim disappointment is never mild or minor. You have the clue in the last paragraph, where those fanatics say: “They are testing the limits of Muslim tolerance.”

That’s it folks, if you live among Muslims you are always only tolerated. If you piss them off, they would turn to their tried and tested “re-education” methods – shutting down kaffir businesses, bombs, beheadings, stabbings, pouring acid on your face and the entire usual repertoire common to the “religion of peace”.

I guess Chinese in Malaysia are proud of all the attention they get from their barbaric compatriots…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Muslims still kiss up to China. This old report covered the Chinese government crackdown of Muslim rioters.


    What the world didn’t see was the efficient brutality of just how well Chinese soldiers dealt with the miscreants. Pity most Western countries are just too sfraid to follow suit.

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