Saudi Ragheads Threaten Foreigners – It’s Ramadan Time!

Nobody can match the “tolerance” of the Muslim world. Today we were reminded again that Islam is a hostile cult, which doesn’t accept any behaviour different from total compliance. The barbaric kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued a stern warning to all of its foreign residents at the beginning of the Ramadan:

“Saudi authorities warned non-Muslim expatriates on Friday, the first day of Ramadan, not to eat, drink, or smoke in public until the end of the Muslim holy month’s sunrise-to-sunset fast — or face expulsion.

The Interior Ministry of the oil-rich kingdom called on expatriates to “show consideration for feelings of Muslims” and “preserve the sacred Islamic rituals.” Otherwise, a ministry statement said, Saudi authorities will cancel violators’ work contracts and expel them.

Saudi Arabia’s population of 27 million includes some 8 million expatriates, including Asians, Arabs, and Westerners, according to government figures.

The ultraconservative Sunni kingdom is the home of Islam’s holiest sites. The warning — which is issued at the beginning of Ramadan every year — serve as a reminder that the Western-allied monarchy must answer to a strict religious establishment that holds de facto veto power over many of its policies.”

More here.

The hypocricy is incredible – the Muslim savages in Europe and North America through lies, bullying and terror tirelessly impose their medieval cult on everybody demanding priviliges, destroying the local culture and traditions. The governments have hard times convicting and deporting Muslim terrorists, yet anything a foreigner does, even as innocent as eating could be used against him.

In addition to that, Muslims will kill hundreds of people, as they do every year at the same time.

Happy Ramadan everybody!

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  1. Rashad says:

    Ramadan Mubarak! 😀

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