Somali Pirate to Rape a 13-Year Old Danish Girl

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It looks like the Somali piracy is entering its romantic stage. You remember the stories about the pretty damsels captured by pirates who fall for the rugged masculinity of their captors. Yes, all that is in the old romantic novels. ..

This time the things are little bit different. It has been reported that the chief pirate, who holds as hostages a Danish family kidnapped recently, has an offer they can’t refuse.

If you haven’t followed the press coverage, you may not know that there was that Danish family (Johansen) traveling in a yacht in the Indian Ocean, who thought that their status of a group of West European peaceniks with three children would be a natural deterrent from misfortune. However, that didn’t stop the Somali pirates from getting them.

It was like a match made in heaven – a family of hapless Danish lefties, who were ready to risk their children’s lives and a bunch of Somali savages who took advantage of their stupidity. The result was that now the whole family lingers on one of the ships the pirates took before (the mother and the daughter forced to wear the disgusting Muslim garments), waiting for soldiers from some civilized country to risk their lives to rescue them.

It appears that there is a silver lining in the situation – if the 13-year old daughter agrees to marry the chief pirate, he is going to forgive the $5 million ransom he wants and let everybody else go free.

Does that sound disgusting? Maybe, but the old pedophile who established Islam married a 6-year old girl, so probably the pirate has a point from the position of the cult he belongs to.

The sad part is that the West had let that madness continue for years. Somalia is a territory populated by Muslim barbarians who don’t even have a government. Their sole export is terrorism and welfare cheats. Lefty idiots in Sweden, Holland, Norway, Canada and other countries take those people whose only ability is to suck up the taxpayers’ money.

You may remember the early 1990’s when the local warlord “General” Aidid was fighting against the Americans in Somalia. At the same time one of his wives and her many children were in Canada getting welfare payments, which were probably siphoned to him.  A few weeks ago the brave anti-jihad fighter Tarek Fatah received death threats from a Somali girl in Canada and the police dismissed them. Yesterday a Somali terrorist, who was leaving Canada to join a terrorist organization, was arrested in Toronto.

So my question, as usual, is this: when are the so-called moderate Muslims going to confront that madness? Don’t they think that raping a 13-year-old girl is something that the Western culture disapproves? If they think that something like that is great, why don’t they just get the hell out of here???


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  1. bernie April 1, 2011 12:42 am Reply

    Three things:

    1: Thanks for spreading the word about Islam.

    2: Thanks for putting me on your blogroll, it’s appreciated.

    3: I linked to your article from Romance Somali Muslim Style

    • admiwrath April 8, 2011 10:32 pm Reply

      Thank you for your support.

  2. The Lone Ranger June 6, 2011 8:16 pm Reply

    Sometimes it takes some harsh realities like Muslim rape and undisguised hatred for all things Western – including left-wing, empty headed ideology, to bring these morons to their senses.

    Brussels, the capital of Europe and the power-seat of the European Union, will be mainly Muslim in 15 years time. Let’s see just how the lefties will enjoy bowing to Mecca five times a day.

    PS. Europe is seeing a rapid rise in nationalist parties. Marine Le Pen, who leads France’s national party, is already ahead of president Sarkozy in the polls!

    I wait with bated breath for all the socialist, Muzzie lovers to bite the dust in Norway, Sweden, France and Austria.

  3. Rafale April 26, 2014 2:39 pm Reply

    We need more people like Admiwrath in the Western worlds. The extremist muslims are like the communists, they have guns and are willing to kill the moderate muslims. Therefore we can not depend on them to help us from their bad ones. We have to be strong and firm and united, otherwise our children will have a miserable life under the yoke of Islam.

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