That Didn’t Take Long – Sharia Imposed in Libya

A few days ago I wrote about Gaddafi’s death, noting that nothing good would come out of that, because the only options you have in Muslim countries are bad, worse and worst.

Frankly, I thought that they’ll run the democracy charade for a few more months before introducing a full-scale Muslim barbarism. Apparently I was wrong – last Sunday during the ceremony of declaring country’s “liberation”, the leader of the transitional government Mustafa Abdul-Jalil proudly announced that from now on the Islamic Sharia law would be the basic source of legislation.

For starters, he dropped the ban on polygamy, now in Libya you can marry four wives like in other Muslim countries. The banks were prohibited from charging interest on loans and the interest on current loans was cancelled.

The news coming from Libya reveal that another “glorious” Muslim tradition has been put into practice – the rape of the enemy’s women. It has been practiced after every successful Islamic aggression (you don’t need to go further than the Balkan countries for horrifying examples). Since many of the wives and daughters of Gaddafi’s loyalists were better educated, that rape program would be the first step toward turning Libyan women into chattel as they should be treated under sharia.

By doing all this, the Libyans affirmed their position as the dumbest nation in Africa. No matter what you think of Gaddafi, he was a clever dictator – after all, he managed to stay in power for 42 years in a tribal country. It would be wrong to think that terror was his main weapon to survive. Through redistribution of the oil wealth (which was not earned) he created a welfare state, in which homes, cars, gas and many other things were very cheap.

He even brought in engineers, doctors, dentists and other professionals from the communist countries to work for peanuts. The government of the country got about $1000 per month for each of those people and paid about $250 as their monthly salary. Unfortunately, under communism $250 was a huge amount of money (that’s a fact the Occupy Wall Street idiots forget when they promote communism). In the 1970’s and 1980’s the dictator boasted that he brought white slaves to work for the Libyans.

After the fall of communism, many of those specialists found better deals in the Western countries, but some remained in Libya. And Gaddafi used them well – I hope you remember the five Bulgarian nurses who were sentenced to death under the watch of Abdul-Jalil, who was a justice minister at the time, under the false accusations that they deliberately infected 400 children with AIDS.

Well, that’s what brought Libya’s demise. The Libyan masses, inspired by the revolts around them, hoping that they would get more goodies, overthrew Gaddafi. There will be a rude awakening by the end of the month.

The lazy Libyans would be forced to work for a living. The white slaves have already left and no new ones are coming back to be at the mercy of the Muslim savages. Since the parasites who are deprived of their host get nervous, I expect revolts when the sharia idiots don’t deliver what Gaddafi provided.

If the sharia idiots consolidate their power (which is highly unlikely) they will delay the civil war by a few months. Otherwise, the fighting will start before the end of this year. That’s the trouble with Islam – this cult can’t maintain a normally functioning state. Islam controlling the state has the same effect as Muslims throwing acid on the face of a woman they hate – it only disfigures her, but doesn’t make your cult more likable.

So my Libyan friends, you’ve been taken by your own greed and stupidity. The wackos you let take over your country (with the help of Barry Hussein Obama, a closet Muslim) are not interested in your leisurely lifestyle at all.

Your only hope is to brave the Mediterranean Sea’s waves and sail to Europe – lazy and uneducated people like you would bring a much quicker end to the semi-communist European Union.

© 2011

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Should we be so surprised? Our naive governments rush our armed forces to aid a civil uprising in some desert country in North Africa that had nothing to do with us and end up facilitating a “liberation” government that will be far worse than the one it replaced.

    The resident Stupid Cow of the White House, Hilary Clinton stated:

    The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered the following pricelessly preposterous piety:

    “I think that the new Libya needs to start with accountability, the rule of law, a sense of unity and reconciliation in order to build an inclusive democracy.”

    Don’t you just love it – an ‘inclusive democracy’ under sharia, which recognises no secular rule whatsoever and flogs, stones or kills those who do not consent to submit. of course, other cultural delights like “honor’ killings, female genital mutilation and pedophilia will abound in the “new Libya.” It is rumored that Gaddafi’s own loyalists killed him in order to avoid being implicated in past crimes against their own people.

    Now the West will have to contend with another hard line Islamist basket case that will repay our assistance by seeking our destruction.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Answering with a delay, I just need to mention that Barack and Hilary continue their search for the most weird government to support. I heard yesterday that they are establishing friendship with Burma (Myanmar). It looks like any dictatorship is good enough for them.

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