Witches and Ghosts in Barbaric Saudi Arabia

The Islamic countries are a never-ending source of not-so-wholesome entertainment. Two recent news, which came from Saudi Arabia, created the impression that those people still live in a Harry Potter world (although the book and movie are probably banned over there).

Consider this – Amnesty International expressed shock over the recent beheading of a Saudi woman who was convicted of sorcery (those folks are the same lefty idiots who wanted to arrest George W. Bush during his visit to Canada). According to their sources, in the current year, so far 79 people have been executed in that retarded kingdom. They say that Islam is 700 years behind Christianity in its development. That makes sense – witch-hunting was a respectable pastime in medieval Europe in the 1400’s and in today’s Saudi Arabia, it’s still a favourite.

The next news proves that witchcraft is not some aberration in the wacky Muslim world, but its essential part. It was reported that a Saudi judge was on trial for corruption. His lawyer, in an attempt to get him off the hook, has stated that the corruption wasn’t the judge’s fault. You see, he did that, because he was possessed by a “jinn”. This is some kind of a ghost (a genie), which co-exists with humans. As the judge was reported saying, the ghost has “taken control of his thoughts and made him rule on cases without being conscious of committing any illegal act.”

That’s not all – the lawyer also stated his intention to get the jinn to testify at the trial. He intends to do this with the help of an exorcist and the jinn is supposed to vindicate the accused judge. And that should be taken seriously – after all, Old Mo reportedly was able to communicate with jinns and convert them to Islam.

Don’t you find it ridiculous that in the 21st century there is a country, which takes that kind of garbage seriously?!

The things get even more ridiculous when you consider the fact that such a barbaric country is trying very hard to influence the world politics. They spend tens of millions of dollars to spread the Wahabi islamist poison in dozens of countries. They try to silence the Canadian media to ensure the monopoly of the Saudi oil (with the full support of the Canadian leftards).

Our world is in such a sad state, when in the United Nations the civilized countries have to take seriously a country, which differs from the 7th-century Bedouins only by the amount of money it possesses, yet their world view is exactly the same…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    And leftists and environmental nutters still want to buy their oil from these savages?

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