Fidel Castro and the Rotting Corpse of the Cuban Revolution

Poor Fidel Castro – he is one of the rare cases of a dictator who managed to outlive his monstrous creation.  Lenin and Stalin died long before the communist system collapsed, which I guess left them with the satisfaction that the millions of people they killed somehow contributed to their utopia.

At the age of nearly 90, Fidel is forced to watch the crumbling of La Revolucion. The great promises, for which thousands were killed or drowned in their attempts to reach the USA, ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the major benefactor of Castro’s gang.

Although Castro retired, the ancient revolutionaries around him are desperately trying to salvage what’s left of Territoria Libre de America. It is difficult, because the 1957 Cadillacs are the most reliable way of transportation, followed by the donkey buggies and whichever Soviet cars that survived the tropical climate. The individual small business is still limited to street stalls and prostitution.

I was reminded of that sad reality when recently I came across a set of propaganda pictures released to show the resilience of the revolutionary leadership. In a way, watching those people, who still cling to power, could take you back to the times of Leonid Brezhnev and the old members of Politburo around him. People were betting on who of them was going to die first. But at least the Soviet Union of the time managed to maintain its façade of a powerful country, although it was already hollow on the inside.

The Cuban propaganda pictures can’t create even that illusion, because the Cuban revolution has been dead for years and you can feel the stench of its corpse from those photographs.

Here are Fidel and Raul with other members of the Central Committee, trying to look upbeat and optimistic, although it is not clear if anyone of them would live to see the next Party Congress:


God's waiting room...


They even want to revive their revolutionary spirit with the appropriate songs and gestures:


Don't strain yourselves too much, the revolution is dead


It is sad to observe Castro being moved around like a live relic of the revolution, forcing people to listen to his “wisdom”. Here he meets Cuba’s intellectuals:


"Teach us, Saint Fidel..."


He even finds the strength to lecture other leaders. In this picture he is with the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. I don’t know if you can get any useful guidance from a communist rag like Granma, but with or without guidance Chavez is going to ruin his country in exactly the same way:


Hugo, that's the wrong paper to learn from!


Castro even gives interviews to “progressive” journalists. Here he is with Mario Silva, right after the end of their interview. Look at his cool L.L. Bean look. But what’s the deal with that Puma jacket? Why should he wear a product of a German capitalist firm, which has its clothes made by underpaid workers in China and Vietnam? Doesn’t Fidel know that he is contributing to the exploitation of those poor chaps? Never mind, hypocrite and communist are synonyms.


Fidel, the new Puma salesman. Where is the Che Guevara t-shirt?


And at last, look at his pictures with Carter. Rarely does one see two failures of such an epic calibre in the same picture. They are like two annoying ghosts from a past that almost everybody is trying to forget.


Parade of the failures


Actually, Rosalynn is the only one with some dignity, for the simple reason that she never had the chance to discredit herself to such an extent. To make sure that they are two of a kind, Carter is even wearing the trademark shirt worn by most Cuban communists (maybe Castro should try it instead of wearing a Puma).


Rosalynn - the smartest one in the picture


Long live the decomposing Cuban revolution…

© 2011

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    If it wasn’t for two million dumb western tourists going to Cuba for a cheap vacation in the sun, the island and its decrepit leader would have vanished from the international scene a long time ago. In spite of Castro’s senile devotion to his long-forgotten Marxist revolution, its those tourist dollars that have been propping up the island. A new Ministry of Tourism was created in 1994, and the Cuban state invested heavily in tourist facilities. Between 1990 and 2000, more than $3.5 billion was invested in the tourist industry. The number of hotel rooms available to international tourists grew from 12,000 to 35,000,and the country received a total of 10 million visitors over that period. By 1995 the industry had surpassed sugar as Cuba’s chief earner.

    Even if you make friends with an “approved” Cuban national and are invited to their home for a meal, they are not allowed to maintain contact with you, either by letter, email or telephone. Things are so bad there, medical doctors make more money waiting on tables at the Canadian-built resorts.In recent years more than 600,000 Canadians, 200,000 Britons, 153,197 Spaniards and 114,000 Germans visit Cuba annually.

    When my colleagues and friends ask why I have never visited Cuba, I simply reply that I am unwilling to put money into the pocket of a corrupt regime that does not allow freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and continues to throw pastors and pro-democracy advocates in jail.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, that’s pathetic. Two groups gullible Westerners are those support that senile communist – the lefties who want to admire his “revolution” and the horny ones who get there the cheapest whores on earth. Of course, both groups often overlap.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Cheap whores? Never heard of that in Cuba. but if your young pretty and desperate, then I guess you have do do something to keep the revolution propped up!

  3. spil gratis says:

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  4. Melody Tann says:

    May Day is a National Communist Holiday and millions showed up in Havana to listen to Fidel Castro mirroring the illegal alien protest marchers in the United States of America, as Castro condemned the American Government. While the United States Congress and the United States Senate cave into the demands of the protesters and boycott participants. Fidel Castro the Communist Dictator of Cuba who promised government reform for the peasants, instead took over the country for himself after over throwing the government. He says he sees the start of the same movement in the United States and is so very proud of all the protestors in the United States of America on this historic May Day Communist Holiday.,

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