Gaddafi Dead – Now What?

gadaffi dead photo

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The mad colonel from Libya is apparently dead. The information is not completely clear, but the rebels who were after him, reported that he was wounded in an airstrike and then shot. There are already pictures and videos circulating the net, which allegedly show his death.

There’s also a new conspiracy theory – at one of the news sites, which posted the video, somebody observed in a comment that the man shown there looks over 20 years younger. Ergo – he most likely is a double.

It doesn’t make any difference if that’s true – whether he was killed or is still hiding, Libya is under new management. With the help of the West, a group of totally unknown rebels took over the country.

The trouble with the situation in Muslim countries is that the only options available are bad, worse, and worst.

Libya is not an exception – under Gaddafi it was a terrorist country, armed with dangerous weapons (and they are very real, unlike in Iraq). The country consists of dozens of tribes, which hate each other, and only a dictator can keep order.

Now the dictator is gone and it is not clear at all what is going to follow. In the worst case, Libya would turn into a new Somalia, with many warlords fighting for superiority. In the best case, a new dictator would emerge to put the things in order. In the worst of the worst cases, the West may decide that with a little push, Libya might be able to become a Western-type democracy. After sending troops and sacrificing hundreds of NATO soldiers, Libya will turn into the same quagmire that is now Afghanistan.

There are already signs that tolerance won’t be a part of the policies of the new leaders. A Libyan Jew, who left the country decades ago, returned to restore the abandoned synagogue in Tripoli. He received an official permit to do that, but was met by anti-Semitic demonstrators, who made clear they didn’t want any Jews in Libya. They surely are not much different than the dictator they ousted.

And in all cases, the deadly weapons will be at the mercy of crazy people, who may try to use or sell them. And again, under every option, the lack of control is going to create a flood into Europe of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants – more foot soldiers of the Muslim takeover. If you remember, last year Gaddafi boasted that if he was paid five billion dollars by the Union, he’d stop the immigration from Africa.

It looks like now this scheme is not going to work. Europe should enjoy the multicultural diversity of the new immigrant influx until every country in it ends up like Greece.

We live in truly exciting times…

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    ‘under Gaddafi it was a terrorist country, armed with dangerous weapons (and they are very real, unlike in Iraq).” That the inspectors failed to find the WMD does NOT AT ALL mean Saddam didn’t have them. Why did he persist in blocking the UN inspections? Iraq is a big country. How difficult is it to hide them? In fact, the US satellite surveillance caught the images of large “vehicular traffic to Syria” suspected transportation of WMD into Syria which is independently backed up by Saddam’s own vice air marshal Georges Sadat who claimed that he has personal knowledge of the method and personnel involved in this operation by land and by Iraqi Air passenger flight in 2002. I know this is not exactly “smoking gun” proof, however, I find it despicable that as usual, the mainstream media had abandoned journalistic reporting of facts on this matter, IN ORDER TO perpetuate the mob chanting “Bush lied, and people died” mantra.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    If we keep bumping off dictators at this rate, we won’t have any more vanglorious old poofters to laugh at for much longer.

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