Muslim Terrorists Kill 8 Medics in Afghanistan

Just another mass murder in Afghanistan… Yesterday ten members of a medical group were shot in cold blood by Muslim fanatics in Afghanistan. Six of them were from the USA, one from Germany, and one from Great Britain. Two Afghani interpreters were also killed.

The organization, which sent them there (International Assistance Mission) stated that their task was to provide eye treatment to people in remote villages. The Taliban, who took responsibility for the murders, claimed that they killed them because they were “spying for the Americans” and “preaching Christianity.”

It is difficult to discuss such a vicious crime. As usual, the West will condemn it and the Muslims will keep silent about it.

But the whole thing brings up the question whether it is worth it to help that country in any way. Afghanistan has always been ruled by fanatical barbarians, who have always oppressed their people and nobody has ever been able to change the situation.

Every country, which has tried to interfere there had to eventually leave: Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and now the USA…

It is reported that the medics were confident they didn’t need weapons or armed guards, because they were on a humanitarian mission and didn’t expect to be attacked. Although they belonged to a Christian charity, they were not proselytizing.

That shows the naiveté of the Western humanitarians who think that since they went there to do good they would be automatically appreciated and protected. The fanatics have totally different value system: in their twisted world  infidels deserve to die no matter what their intentions were. The only survivor of the group (an Afghan) was not killed, because when the medics were being shot one by one, he yelled verses from the Koran to prove that he is Muslim. And they spared his life…

It’s obviously not good to critisize people who went to a hostile country to help, but, really, why were they there? What was the point of helping a bunch of ungrateful barbarians? Aren’t there enough needy people in the USA who can get that treatment and contribute more to their country?

What a contrast: when the Times Square bomber was arrested, he was provided with halal food in jail and legal help paid by the American public. When doctors go to help a Muslim country, they are killed like animals.

Doesn’t anybody notice how perverse the whole situation is? What is the point of sacrificing the lives of hundreds bright young people from the USA, Britain, and Canada to keep in power a corrupt government and trying to help ignorant and fanatical people?

Maybe it would be best if the West withdraws from there and seals border…


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