The Bitter Fruits of the Danish Multiculturalism

The following is an interesting case of what happens when a good-meaning liberal goes beyond the bleeding-hard phraseology and tries to actually help the poor “victimized” people. A recent article in Jyllands-Posten (H/T Fivefeeotfury) tells the story of Michelle Hviid, a good-hearted Danish leftist, who tried to make a difference in the lives of the predominantly Muslim immigrant population in Denmark.

Few years ago she came up with the idea to move into one of the largest Copenhagen ghettoes. To be fair to the Danish authorities, they didn’t designate the area as a ghetto, where they wanted to isolate the “poor” immigrants. They had the noble intention to provide affordable housing to those people, but as it always happens, giving something for nothing to those who are hostile to the West and refuse to adapt, turned the area into a hotbed of crime.

So Michelle decided to help those people by starting an initiative of sharing a meal with the ghetto’s inhabitants. She organized nearly 1,500 Danes willing to do that in the name of mutual understanding. However, the other side wasn’t that responsive, only about 500 of the Muslims were willing to take part.

Michelle stayed for years in the area, even buying a large apartment there, and stubbornly tried to make a difference. The immigrants didn’t change at all, but her family started to suffer.

Over the years, her son (who is now 12) suffered several serious attacks by local Muslim boys. During the last one he was with a friend and he could barely escape, none of the Danes who witnessed the attack dared to interfere and help him. His friend wasn’t so lucky, he was so badly beaten that he ended up in hospital’s emergency room.

To help with the integration, Michelle also enrolled her young daughter in a local kindergarten. That didn’t turn out well either. The facility was dominated by immigrant kids from families with no manners or respect for elementary law and order. She had to pull out her daughter after one of the Muslim mothers physically attacked a teacher.

Michelle partially came to her senses and she admitted that her work there was far from successful. However, she still doesn’t want to move out of there. She justifies her decision with the fact that there are several nice families in the well-to-do building where she lives. She also adds that is they sell the apartment right now, they will lose quite a bit of money. The latter statement is quite funny, since there has never been a case in history, where the property values in a crime-infested neghborhood would go up, as an educated woman she should be aware of that.

What makes this story interesting is that is a rare case, where a privileged leftist tries to put her convictions into practice. That type of people usually attend progressive gatherings, write outraged letters to combat injustice, but by the end of the day lock themselves up in their gated communities, where they are out of the reach of the “victimized” people they support.

Moving into the ghetto is unusual. That woman pursued for years her stupid cause of making immigrants feel better by example. However, even the ignorant after few years would notice that letting people live on generous social benefits without making them earn their living creates an underclass of parasites who simply don’t want to work. That’s even more valid, if you have a group united by a religion, which is hostile to the West.

Although Michelle Hviid considers herself a highly noble woman, who works to change the word, in reality she is callous and delusional in the way she treats her children. Her son already has been target of violence; he has to avoid certain streets in order to avoid danger. Her daughter since very young age has witnessed violence and it would be only matter of time before she is assaulted or raped. It is very unlikely that they will grow up admiring the distinctive culture of the savages who surround them. All that Michelle has achieved is to raise children who will hate immigrants while failing completely in civilizing those immigrants, who now turn more openly to destruction and introducing sharia law in their communities.

Will the leftists ever learn anything?


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