The Black Hole of Haiti

As you may remember, about a year ago Haiti was hit by a strong earthquake. The capital Port-au-Prince was devastated and allegedly over 250, 000 people were killed. Right after it, the usual bunch of celebrities and activists started bombarding us with sob story appeals to make us open our wallets. Haiti needed our help.

Many of us answered the appeal and countless millions of dollars poured into the coffers of various charities. The national governments followed the lead and pledged millions of our tax dollars for rebuilding Haiti, without even asking us.

Well, now Haiti is again in the news. You may think it’s because of the enormous progress achieved in restoring the country. Not so, there is no progress, the country is in the same pitiful condition as it was before.

The news is that there is a cholera epidemic and the Haitians believe that the voodoo priests have caused it. So they deal with it in the best way they know – so far 45 witch doctors have been killed. The supreme leader of the voodoo cult is appealing to the government to interfere and stop the killings.

The whole situation is sad and pathetic. Not just because of the killings, things like that are considered normal there. The sad part is that despite the huge sums of money collected from the naïve Westerners, there is not a single good report coming out of that hell hole.

Over the last 15 years, Haiti has received many billions of dollars, which were supposed the lift the country from the poverty.  Yet all that money has somehow disappeared without making a single change in the lives of the local population.

If anything, the situation shows the monstrous nature of the Third World aid industry. Haiti is the ultimate example of a welfare state that doesn’t produce anything. Ever since it received its independence in 1804, the locals gradually destroyed the forests and other local resources. They have lived at sub-poverty level for many decades, with the exception of the power elite, who control what’s left of the national wealth.

Of course, the lefties blame all that on the West, rather than on the local culture. They somehow fail to notice that Haiti shares the same island with the Dominican Republic. Despite its problems, the latter has managed to handle its part of the island much better and its development is much more advanced.

But a country like Haiti is the perfect poster boy for the “poverty fighting” professionals. Skilfully exploiting the guilt feeling of the white West, the likes of Bill Clinton, Sean Penn, Bono, Sir Bob Geldof, etc., managed to convince most of us that Haiti is starving because of us. Never mind that in reality it is a horribly mismanaged country, where people multiply with no thought about  how they will provide any future to their children.

The promise that we are going to resolve Haiti’s problems if we just send them little bit more money is to blame for the waste of billions of dollars. The problem is that the money doesn’t go directly to the Haitians (even if it did, it would not fund any industries, there are none, it would be used to buy only food and supplies, thus perpetuating their laziness and dependency).

No, the money goes through the well-oiled channels of the international aid industry. First on the line are the numerous charities that collect money. If you think that they process the donations without keeping a penny, you would be wrong. The administrators, who manage those charities and the many workers in them keep a large chunk of the money. After all, they need to be compensated for the long hours of meetings and discussions, the frequent trips, and the plans they develop.

Next comes the international crook club known as the United Nations. Although they are hostile to the developed West and blame it for all third world misfortunes, they have no problem collecting money from the rich countries like the USA, Japan or Canada. The bloated administrative apparatus of the UN eats up the good part of the organization’s budget. What’s left is squandered at a local level.

So what have all those charities and the UN achieved in Haiti during the last year? Absolutely nothing.

The people there still live in tents, there is no sewage system or fresh water. If the money was given directly to them, the result would have been the same (with the most enterprising Haitians stealing most of it). The idea was to let the charities and UN manage the work, because supposedly they are more efficient. However, it turned out they were not better than the local thieves.

The UN even managed to get some perks for its third-world members, like the totally unnecessary idea of stationing UN peacekeepers in Haiti. Why didn’t they leave Haiti to manage its own affairs?  The last I checked, that was an independent country with its own army and police. Shouldn’t Haitians take responsibility at least for their own security? And that peacekeeping didn’t bring anything good either: allegedly, the UN soldiers from Nepal brought that cholera for which the poor voodoo people are being killed.

Here is an earth-shattering idea: why don’t we leave those countries work out their problems themselves? When you pour money into a bum (a person or a country), you don’t resolve any problems. You just create dependency, which calls for more money.

I would give it a serious thought before supporting any other charity fundraiser to benefit Haiti…


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